Table II.

Expression analysis of selected H2O2-induced genes via RNA blots

EST Accession No. (Gene)Treatment2-a
H2O2(cells)H2O2 (leaves)WiltWilt +AsAUVUV + AsAHarpin
N37896 (Tyr phosphatase)2-b
AA042551 (small hsp)
H77041 (DREB2A)
N65549 (disease resistance protein)
AA720262(ethylene-responsive transcription factor [TF])
T20525(syntaxin)2-b 3332.77
R30551 (myb-related TF)
H76238 (protein kinase)
T44253(blue Cu-binding protein)
T41722 (Zn finger protein)
T20648(His kinase)2-b
N97306 (myrosinase-binding protein)
  • F2-a Figures in table represent fold-induction over appropriate controls (either water or ascorbic acid [AsA] treatment alone).

  • F2-b Low abundance genes identified on the microarray.