Table I.

Complete list of sequenced genes up-regulated by nitrate

Clone IDAccession No.GenBank HitGene/cDNA CloneExpression (h after treatment)1-h/24-h Signal Ratio
B16-1 AW979417 X95098 LeAMT2Up 6–12 h2.3/1.7
B22-1 AW979368 A45772 LeNRT1.2Up 1–24 h10/14.3
H21-1 AW219289 U17987 LeNRT1.2Up 1–24 h11/12
D2-4 AF092655 AF092655 LeNRT2.1Up 1–24 h12.1/11
11B22 X14060 X14060 NRUp 1–12 h4/3.8
E20-4 BG713767 AF065616 NiRUp 1–24 h8/7.4
E13-1 AW979921 AF129478 K+ transporter HAK5Down after 3 h0.5/0.01
G22-1 AW218955 AJ249962 K channel (Kdc1 homolog)Up 1–24 h4.5/6.8
23L8 T07607 T07607 LePT2 (phosphate transporter)Up 6–96 h1/2.8
H10-1 AW219193 S49583 Leu zipper transcription factorUp 1–24 h3.9/3.4
X12K3 AW621495 Y07563 hin1 proteinUp 1–12 h5/1.8
I4-1 AW219480 S22531 Pathogenesis-related protein 1bUp 1–24 h8.2/9.5
L2-4 AW624985 U20809 LeGST4Up 1–12 h4.4/2.8
H9-2 BG713784 AF053076 LEA5 proteinUp 1–24 h3/2.2
H2-2 BG713780 A56555 Trypsin inhibitor precursorUp 1–96 h7/16
J2-1 AW219454 S48032 cim1 proteinUp 6–96 h0.8/3
A15-2 BG713769 T03673 pit1 proteinUp 6–96 h3/19
I2-2 BG713788 T03673 pit1Up 1–96 h1/10
K12-2 BG713797 T03673 pit1Up 1–48 h1.8/8
K21-2 BG713799 T03673 pit1Up 6–24 h2.1/15
L11-2 BG713802 T03673 pit1Up 6–48 h1.5/11
D24-2 BG713774 T03673 pit1Up 24–96 h4/12
C5-3 BG713810 T03673 pit1Up 1–96 h3.2/14
C8-3 BG713811 T03673 pit1Up 6–48 h1.3/7
D9-3 BG713814 T03673 pit1Up 6–96 h1.1/5
F6-3 BG713816 T03673 pit1Up 12–96 h2.4/6
F22-3 BG713817 T03673 pit1Up 12–48 h5.1/8
H2-3 BG713821 T03673 pit1Up 6–96 h1/6.8
L4-3 BG713833 T03673 pit1Up 6–48 h2.7/4
M9-3 BG713836 T03673 pit1Up 6–96 h3.5/13
H9-1 AW219182 AL022023 Plasma membrane intrinsic proteinUp 48–96 h1.2/3
J21-4 AW625013 AB002149 Water channel proteinUp 24–96 h1/3.2
H3-2 BG713781 AF133530 Water channelUp 6–96 h0.8/2.8
H15-2 BG713786 T06434 Water channelUp 6–96 h1.1/2.3
G7-1 AW218990 JQ2288Soybean (Glycine max) nodulin 26Up 48–96 h1/1.6
G10-1 AW218928 Q08451 Tomato ripening-associated membrane proteinUp 48–96 h1.4/2.5
L23-4 AW625086 U39486 Delta tonoplast integral proteinUp 6–96 h1.4/2.5
C5-2 BG713771 T02526 Ribosomal protein L36Up 6 h1/1.2
G10-2 BG713779 O23515 Ribosomal protein L15Up 6–12 h2/1.2
H6-2 BG713783 T02335 Ribosomal protein L18aUp 12 h0.9/1.6
A4-3 BG713807 AF127042 60S ribosomal protein L37aUp 6 h1.2/2
I2-3 BG713826 X76714 Ribosomal proteinUp 1–12 h1/1.8
L12-3 BG713834 T48952 Ribosomal protein S29Up 6 h1/1.9
N1-1 AW455251 M90692 Phe ammonia-lyaseUp 24–96 h0.5/2
H13-1 AW219196 P23244 LeHb1 (Glb1)Up 6–24 h0.6/3
O22-1 AW218217 X95905 14-3-3 ProteinUp 6–12 h1.2/1
B4-4 BG713766 U88711 Copper homeostasis factorUp 1–12 h1.5/1.4
A8-1 AW979453 Z73942 RAB7C (ras-related protein)Up 1–12 h1.4/0.8
E5-4 BG713768 D86629 NT16 polypeptideUp 1–96 h3.5/4
N19-1 AW224533 AF207621 K transporter KUP3Down after 6 h0.6/1
A18-1 AW979462 U83245 ARF1 homologUp 1–12 h2/0.9

This table includes nitrate-induced genes that were subsequently subjected to northern analysis. All pit1 clones are either identical or highly homologous. One clone from each of the group of pit1 and ribosomal proteins, and two from the group of water channels, were used for northern analysis. Genes most strongly induced by nitrate resupply are shown in the Figures 2 through 8.