Table III.

Tissue culture and transformation in B. distachyon

A. The responsiveness of immature ABR1 embryos to culture
Embryo class3-a 12345
Size (mm)<0.30.3–0.40.5–0.690.7–0.89>0.9
MediumPercentage of embryos producing type II embryogenic callus
LS 2.544154165
N6 2.5164334122
B. Plant regeneration from ABR1 embryogenic callus on different mediab
MediumMurashige and Skoog Salts (MSO)190-2Rice Regeneration Medium (N6 0)MWWRM1
No. of plants g callus−1 6625714340
C. Results of typical transformation experiments with ABR100 callus
ExperimentNo. of Independent Hm-Resistant calli g tissue−1Percentage of Calli- Producing PlantsTransformation Frequency (no. of plants g tissue−1)
  • F3-a  Embryo classes are illustrated in Fig.4, B and C.  190-2, Lolium regeneration medium; MWW, winter wheat regeneration medium; RM1, barley regeneration medium (all are described in Bablak et al., 1995).