Table I.

Comparison of photosynthetic characteristics in three amphibious species of Eleocharis

CharacteristicsE. viviparaE. baldwiniiE. retroflexa
Culm anatomyKranzNon-KranzKranzNon-Kranz-likeKranzKranz-like
Organelles in bundle sheath cellsProminentFewProminentPresentProminentProminent1-a
14C pulse-12C chase patternC4 C3 C4 IntermediateC4 C4
C4enzymesHigh1-b LowHigh1-b IntermediateHigh1-b High
δ13C values1-c C4 C4 C4
  • F1-a  There are fewer organelles than in the terrestrial form.

  • F1-b  There is a gradient in the activities and amounts of C4 enzymes among the terrestrial forms of the three species. See text for details.

  • F1-c  Range of δ13C values is shown only for the terrestrial forms. The δ13C values of the terrestrial form of E. vivipara are slightly more negative than those of other terrestrial forms.