Table I.

Genes induced by Pti4 in Arabidopsis

Accession No.Gene Product−Fold InductionGCC Motif1-b
X98453 Peroxidase ATPN20.7GCCGCC
AC005662 Unknown18.6GCCGCC
AL022604 Putative sugar transport protein13.9GCCGAC
X98809 Peroxidase ATP5a13.2GCCACC
AC004138 Putative basic blue protein9.6GCCACC
AC002333 Putative endochitinase7.8GCCGCC
Y14070 Heat shock protein 17.6A6.76.7
AF088280 PAP34.9GCCGNC
X92975 Xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase4.3GCCACC
AC003033 Putative protein disulfide isomerase3.8GCCACC
AF082157 β-glucosidase3.7GCCGNC
Z97340 β-1,3-glucanase precursor3.7GCCGCC
AJ001809 Succinate dehydrogenase flavaprotein3.7GCCGAC
AB023448 Basic endochitinase3.6GCCGCC
AC006340 Unknown protein3.6
AC002335 Putative trypsin inhibitor3.6GCCACC
AF002109 Putative anthocyanin 5-aromatic acyltransferase3.4
AF082299 AGP23.4GCCGNC
X79052 SRG13.3
AB003280 Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase3.2
L04637 Lipoxygenase3.1
AL034567 Putative ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase3.0GCCGNC
AC004561 Putative tropinone reductase2.9
AJ007587 Monooxygenase 12.8GCCGNC
AC002343 HSP90-like protein2.7GCCGCC
AC003114 Calreticulin2.6
X75365 Sucrose-proton symporter2.6
AC005662 Putative embryo-abundant protein2.6GCCGNC
U41998 Actin1.0
M64115 GAPDH1.3
U33014 UBQ41.1
  • F1-a  28 genes that exhibited greater than 2.5-fold expression in tCUP∷Pti4-3 compared with the wild type were shown. In addition, three control genes (actin, GAPDH, and UBQ4) that did not show significant difference in expression were also listed for comparison.

  • F1-b  GCC-motifs were found between 100 and 1,500 bp upstream of the translation start site for a subset of genes up-regulated in tCUP∷Pti4-3transgenic plants.