Table V.

Specific [3H]NPA binding of PM vesicles, affinity fractions, and in vitro translation products of AtAPM1 and AtAPP1

Sample[3H]NPA Bound
pmol mg−1
PM0.1 ± 0.03
Fraction I0.0 ± 0.03
Fraction II7.1 ± 1.67
Fraction III8.2 ± 1.25
Fraction IV17.2 ± 3.07
Fraction II+ III17.8 ± 2.52
Fraction II + III +APAb5.9 ± 3.55
Fraction IV +APAb16.8 ± 3.25
In vitro AtAPM13.2 ± 1.07
In vitro AtAPP11.9 ± 1.6

Specific activity is calculated as [3H]NPA binding − [3H]NPA binding in the presence of 1,000× cold NPA. Fractions I through IV, NPA affinity fractions I–IV; APAb, mixed polyclonal anti-AtAPM1 and AtAPP1 antibodies (see “Materials and Methods”); in vitro, in vitro translation products. Values reported are means and sd of three independent experiments. Student-Newman-Keuls ANOVA indicates that the values reported are different from a normal distribution (P < 0.001). Values with an asterisk differ from their control in pairwise Student's t tests (P < 0.01).