Table I.

Characteristics of ESTs analyzed

ProjectSourceNo. of ESTsAverage LengthAverage Phred Quality ScoreSource-Specific ESTs
nt %
486Leaf primordia5,867386N.D.35
60510- to 14-d-old endosperm6,56651030.925
6061- to 2-cm immature ear5,51852632.924
6144-d-old root10,63546043.334
618<2-cm tassel3,40737845.327
660Mixed tassel stages6,44444445.131
687Mixed embryo stages4,76545845.233
707Mixed adult organs8,68843941.443
9461-mm tassel10,64641238.926

All EST sequences were submitted to GenBank and are also available with annotation at ZmDB ( Minimal requirements for submission were a sequence length of at least 100 consecutive nucleotides (nt) with a minimum Phred quality score of 15 in each position for sequences determined with capillary electrophoresis technology. N.D., Not determined because 486 samples were sequenced using both gel and capillary electrophoresis technologies. The percentage of source-specific ESTs was calculated as the fraction of ESTs within each project that formed singlets or contigs with ESTs exclusively from the same project after assembly of all ESTs from all projects.