Table I.

Actin-related sequences in Arabidopsis

Actin-Related Protein Gene No.Chromosome No.Gene Accession No.Protein Accession No.No. of Amino AcidsNo. of ExonsIdentity/Similarity to AtACT, %EST Accession No.EST Tissue1-a
AtARP2 Landsburg3 AF095912 AAC69601 3891544.4 /58.5NoneLow levels all tissue
AtARP2 Columbia3 AB026649 BAB01081 3891545.7 /59.3Z34035Z34870Rl. BudsFl. Buds
AtARP31AC007357B19833ADD31071427937.8 /49.0None
AtARP41 AC013354 AAF25998 4422045.5 /58.4 R64821 Variety
AA720074 Variety
AV552990 Roots
AV527857 Above 2 to 3 weeks
AV553391 Roots
AV535502 Fl. buds
AA042724 Seedling hypo
H35984 Variety
AI992577 ?
AV541926 Roots
AV531042 Fl. buds
AV566067 Siliques
AV555243 Siliques
AV521175 Above 2 to 3 weeks
AtARP51 AC016662 AAG52523 146543.1 /51.5None
AtARP63 AC009992 AAF03459 422634.5 /44.6 BE524122 Dev. seeds
AtARP73 AL162295 CAB82687 363539.1 /45.9 T21352 Variety
AI993893 ?
N37803 Variety
T43586 Variety
AA720292 Variety
AV549368 Roots
AV557759 Siliques
AV557882 Siliques
AA395654 Rosettes
AI997687 Variety
AtARP85 AB011476 BAB09300 471/24212/729.4 /40.24BE52594Dev. Seed
N96055 Variety
Z29158 Seedling
AV559233 Siliques
Z30864 Seedling, 5 d
AtARP95 AB025638 BAA97429 596Not determined26.7 /39.8No EST
Products w/cDNA libraries
Fl. or leaf
  • F1-a  The tissue origin of the cDNA library from which the EST was derived as listed in GenBank.