Table I.

Branching enzyme activity assays

StrainGenotypeMaize SBEBranching Enzyme Activity1-a
Assay 1Assay 2Assay 3Mean
Y-2159 GLC3 17,29220,36220,51119,388
BSY-01 glc3∷KANR 166264222217
BSY-02 glc3∷KANR I227258234240
BSY-03 glc3∷KANR IIa6,26810,5558,8868,570
BSY-04 glc3∷KANR IIbN.D.1-b 2,1593,7912,975
BSY-05 glc3∷KANR I, IIa5,9526,9646,0036,306
BSY-06 glc3∷KANR I, IIb1,636N.D.1,3111,474
BSY-07 glc3∷KANR IIa, IIb8,7867,0557,9707,937
BSY-08 glc3∷KANR I, IIa, IIb7,3039,2258,5808,396
  • F1-a  Each assay was determined from a separate culture of yeast cells.

  • F1-b  N.D., A value was not determined in that particular assay set.