Table II.

Hormone determinations on the second leaf blade of WT, slender, and dominant dwarf lines

LineHormone Content
ng (g dry wt)−1
Sln1 (WT), EZ15.
Sln1 (WT), next24.52.716.624.95.11.657.83.2
sln1c (Slender), EZ33.315.310.844.00.810.185.420.77
sln1c (Slender), next29.88.07.720.90.690.201.540.74
Sln1d (Dominant dwarf), EZ23.
Sln1d (Dominant dwarf), next33.14.05<dl7.144.7611.712931.4

The elongating second leaf blade was cut into a basal elongation zone (EZ) and a segment of equal length immediately distal along the blade (next). ABA and GAs were extracted from these segments, purified, and quantified by gas chromatography-selected ion monitoring (GC-SIM).