Table III.

Strains and plasmids

Strain or PlasmidRelevant CharacteristicsSource or Reference
S. meliloti
 Rm1021Wild type, SU47str21 Meade et al. (1982)
 SL44Rm1021ΔnodD1ABC Fisher et al. (1988)
 GMI3253Rm1021ΔnodA Debellé et al. (1996)
 JAS108Rm1021nodF∷Tn5-233, Spr a J.A. Swanson (unpublished data)
 JAS115Rm1021 nodE∷Tn5-233, Spr J.A. Swanson (unpublished data)
 GMI6436Rm2011 nodL∷Tn5, Nmr b Ardourel et al. (1995)
 RJW13Rm1021nodL∷Tn5, Nmr This study
 JT210Rm1021 nodH∷Tn5, Nmr Swanson et al. (1987)
 912TRm1021 nodH∷Tn5, Nmr J. Ogawa (unpublished data)
 RJW25912T pRmE65This study
 GMI3032Rm2011 ΔnodF nodL∷Tn5, Nmr Ardourel et al. (1994)
 RJW14Rm1021 ΔnodF nodL∷Tn5, Nmr This study
R. leguminosarum bvviciae
 A34Wild type, 8401 pRL1JI Downie et al. (1983)
 RJW1A34 pJT5This study
 RJW18A34 pRmS210This study
E. coli
 BL21 DE3F ompT, hsdS R(rB mB ) gal dcm (DE3) Studier and Moffatt (1986)
 DKR 61BL21 DE3 pRmE2 pRmJT5This study
 DKR 63BL21 DE3 pRmE2This study
 DKR 64BL21 DE3 pRmJT5This study
 pRmE65 nodD3 Expressed under control oftrp promoter in pTE3 Fisher et al. (1988)
 pRmJT5 nodFEGHPQ1 syrM nodD3 in pLAFR1 Swanson et al. (1987)
 pRmS210 nodH∷Tn5 in pJT5 Swanson et al. (1987)
 pRmE2 nodABC in pAD10 Egelhoff and Long (1985)
 pRK600Helper plasmid derived from pRK290 Glazebrook and Walker (1991)
 N3 S. meliloti-transducing phage Martin and Long (1984)
  • F3-a Spr, Spectinomycin resistant.

  • F3-b Nmr, Neomycin resistant.