Table I.

Signaling and regulatory proteins encoded by wound-responsive genes

Gene FamilyAccession No.Fold1-a
 MP2C-like protein phosphatase 2C CAB45796 37.16
 Putative protein phosphatase 2C AAC31850 18.01
 Protein phosphatase 2C-like protein CAA19874 6.15
 Protein phosphatase 2C-like protein CAA16879 2.83
 Protein phosphatase 2C BAA07287 2.18
 Protein phosphatase 2C CAA05875 2.12
Receptor-like protein kinases (RLKs)
 Putative receptor protein kinase AAB80675 9.26
 Similar to RLK AAB65477 8.15
 Similar to RLK3 CAA18469 7.42
 Similar to S-receptor kinase (BRLK) CAA20204 6.71
 RLK3 CAA09731 5.61
 Similar to RLK5 AAD40144 4.76
 Similar to S-receptor kinase 8 precursor AAC18787 4.61
 Putative protein kinase AAF07814 4.61−2.07
 Putative receptor protein kinase AAF07816 4.27
 Similar to RLK3 CAB45516 4.27
 Similar to wall-associated kinase 1 CAB41191 4.21
 Protein kinase catalytic domain, AK2 CAA60510 3.58
 Similar to RLK5 AAD32284 2.88
 RLK CAA18465 2.41
 Similar to S-receptor kinase (ARK1) AAC13905 2.26
 Putative receptor-like protein kinase AAD28318 2.07
 S-Like receptor protein kinase AAC13903 2.76
 Similar to RLK AAC06160 −3.64
 Putative RLK AAB82629 −2.05
 Similar to ARK3 CAB44328 −2.24
 Similar to CLV1 receptor kinase CAA16688 −2.44
 Putative receptor protein kinase CAA19724 −5.25
Non-Receptor protein kinases
 Similar to NPK1 protein kinase AAC31848 8.23
 Similar NAK protein kinase AAC95171 6.03
 Ribosomal-protein S6 kinase (AtPK19) BAA07661 5.62
 Protein kinase-like protein CAB44327 5.513.38
 Protein kinase (APK2a) BAA24694 5.31
 Protein kinase 6-like protein CAB51172 5.21
 Putative protein kinase AAF26067 3.31
 Similar to Pti1 kinase AAC34243 3.09
 Similar to APK1 protein kinase CAA20030 3.05
 Similar to protein kinase NAK AAB97121 3.02
 Similar to CBL-interacting protein kinase AAC16938 2.593.81
 Calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 AAF27092 2.05
 Hypothetical Ser-Thr protein kinase AAD25942 2.03
 Similar to CTR1, MAP3K family AAD30219 4.64
 Similar to EDR1, MAP3K family CAA19821 4.37
 Putative protein kinase AAC09037 −2.71
 Casein kinase I (CKI2) CAA55397 −2.94
 AK23, protein kinase catalytic domain CAA60531 −2.08
 Putative protein kinase CAB10237 −2.33
 Contain protein kinase catalytic domain AAD26873 −3.35
Calcium-binding proteins
 Similar to CCD-1 CAA19722 22.18
 Calmodulin (CAM)-related protein (TCH2) AAB82713 7.52
 Putative calmodulin like, MSS3 AAB64310 4.71
 Calmoudulin-like protein, CALL_ARATH AAC78532 4.15
 Calmodulin-like protein CAB42906 3.014.31
 Putative calcium-binding protein (RD20) AAB80656 3.36
 Putative calmodulin (CAM9) CAB41312 −2.38
GTP-binding proteins
 Extra-large G-protein like CAB36716 3.66
 Similar to GTP-binding protein CAB38902 3.55
 Similar to GTP exchanger factor AAB61488 3.47
 SGP1 monomeric G-protein CAB54517 3.18
 GTP-binding protein Rab7 AAC25512 −2.77
Phosphatidylinositol (PI) signaling molecules
 PI 5-phosphatase like AAD10829 2.95
 Inositol trisphosphate 5-phosphatase CAB59428 2.68
 Similar to PI 5-phosphatase AAD46036 13.42
 PI synthase (PIS1) AAF16562 −2.02
AP2/EREB-type transcription factors
 Putative EREBP protein AAC31840 53.77
 DREB1B/CBF1 BAA33435 38.89
 EREBP homolog CAB36718 26.11
 Similar to AtERF-4 AAF16756 20.61
 AtERF-5 BAA32422 6.42
 AtERF-4 AAF34830 6.05
 EREBP-4 like protein CAB10530 5.77
 AtERF-1 BAA32418 5.71
 Similar to TINY isolog AAC25505 4.78
 RAV2 BAA34251 3.74−2.31
 CRT/DRE binding factor 2 (CBF2) AAD15976 2.14
 AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.6 AAC36019 105.25
 AP2 domain transcription factor AAD20907 14.33
 AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.9 AAC49775 3.61
 AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.4 AAC49770 2.81
 AP2 domain transcription factor AAD20668 −2.18
 AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.7 AAD21489 −2.74
 Putative AP2 domain protein CAA23041 −2.85
 Putative AP2 transcription factor AAD32841 −3.11
WRKY-type transcription factors
 AtWRKY40 AAF14671 25.52
 AtWRKY33 AAC67339 15.12
 AtWRKY53 CAA23047 13.24
 AtWRKY22 AAB61016 4.18
 AtWRKY11 CAB45914 3.01
 AtWRKY15 AAB87100 2.81
 AtWRKY60 AAD23013 2.63
MYB-type transcription factors
 AtMYB15 CAA74603 17.88
 AtMYB51 CAB09206 8.42
 AtMYB77/AtMYBR2 CAA74604 7.91
 AtMYB96 AAD53106 4.182.52
 AtMYB73 CAB16756 3.36−3.01
 AtMYB44/AtMYBR1 CAB09200 2.48
 AtMYB20 AAC83591 −2.01−2.42
 AtMYB28 CAB09183 −2.14
 AtMYBL2 CAA92280 −2.68
 AtMYB106 AAF26160 −3.32
 AtMYB16 CAB09174 −3.62
 AtMYB3 AAC83581 −4.14
 AtMYB4 AAC83582 −5.67
Zinc finger-type transcription factors
 Zinc finger protein (AtRZAT7) CAA67234 52.01
 Putative C2H2-type zinc finger protein AAC98070 18.91
 Putative CCCH-type zinc finger protein AAF18728 15.96−2.33
 C2H2 zinc finger protein (AtZat12) CAA67232 11.642.17
 Putative Cys-3-His zinc finger protein AAD25930 11.17−2.71
 Salt-tolerance STZ/ZAT10 protein AAF24959 10.21
 RING zinc finger protein (ATL2) AAC77829 7.08
 Similar to salt tolerance STZ/ZAT10 AAB80922 7.652.72
 RING-H2 finger protein (RHA3b) AAC68674 4.4622.21
 Putative zinc finger protein (PMZ) AAD37511 4.053.31
 Similar to zinc-binding protein (PWA33) AAC24052 3.753.18
 Similar to GATA transcription factor 3 CAB41103 3.01
 RING-H2 zinc finger protein (ATL6) AAD33584 2.92
 Putative DOF zinc finger protein AAD21486 2.17
 Putative CCCH-type zinc finger protein AAC62135 −2.04
 RING zinc finger protein (RMA1) AAD11593 −2.26
 Putative CCCH-type zinc finger protein AAC42256 −2.32
 C2H2-type zinc finger protein (ZFP8) AAA87304 −3.22
Other-type transcription factors
 Putative bHLH transcription factorAAAC6358710.69
 Similar to bHLH transcription factor AAD22130 2.14
 Similar to bHLH factor GBOF-1 CAB16839 −2.03−2.55
 Heat shock transcription factor 4 AAC31756 6.674.58
 Heat shock transcription factor 21 AAC31792 5.68
 Homeodomain zipper protein (AtHB-7) AAC69925 2.89
 Homeodomain zipper protein (AtHB-12) AAC39462 2.28
 Homeodomain zipper protein (AtHB-16) AAD46064 −2.33
  • F1-a  Average channel intensity ratio of wounding-treated samples over control samples over control samples from two independent experiments.

  • F1-b  W0.5 and W6 indicate 0.5 and 6 h after wounding.