Table V.

Wound-regulated genes related to hormonal responses

Putative FunctionAccession No.Fold5-a
Jasmonic acid pathway
 Putative allene oxide synthase AAD03574 2.723.94
 Phospholipase like protein AAC37472 2.45
 Putative phospholipase AAC27833 2.06
 Putative GDSL motif lipase/hydrolase AAD25823 3.98
 Lipoxygenase CAB56692 3.68
 12-Oxophytodienoate reductase (OPR1) AAC78440 2.16
Ethylene pathway
 Putative EREBP protein AAC31840 53.77
 EREBP homolog CAB36718 26.11
 ACC synthase (AtACS-6) CAB51412 23.66
 ACC synthase AAC63850 21.26
 Similar to AtERF-4 AAF16756 20.61
 AtERF-5 BAA32422 6.42
 AtERF-4 AAF34830 6.05
 EREBP-4 like protein CAB10530 5.77
 AtERF-1 BAA32418 5.71
 Similar to senescense-associated protein AAF18611 4.31
 Senescense-associated protein AAD20613 8.72
Auxin pathway
 Putative auxin-regulated protein AAB82641 6.25
 Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein AAD23040 2.42
 Putative auxin-regulated protein AAC69926 −2.55
 Putative GH3-like protein AAD14468 −3.29
 Auxin-induced protein-like CAB38618 −3.83−2.29
 SAUR-AC1= small auxin up RNA AAB30527 −4.15−2.31
 Putative auxin-induced protein CAB38620 −7.13−3.86
 Auxin-responsive protein IAA2 AAB97164 −2.12
 Match to Arabidopsis IAA3 AAB70452 −2.12
 Auxin-induced protein (IAA20) AAC34236 −2.16
 Similar to auxin-induced protein AAB62852 −2.18
 Putative auxin-regulated protein AAD29795 −2.54
  • F5-a  Average channel intensity ratio of wounding-treated samples over control samples from two independent experiments.

  • F5-b  W0.5 and W6 indicate 0.5 and 6 h after wounding.