Table IV.

Induction of abnormal phenotypes by azadC treatment

LineSpecies or F1Ancestor4-aX (ploidy)AffectednP4-b
Maternal (Ler)Arabidopsis 61240309.1E-03
Ler Arabidopsis20298.1E-03
Paternal C. arenosa 4224-c 27
Synth. Allopolyploid α149-2A473252.6E-05
Synth. Allopolyploid α249-2B490333.2E-04
Synth. Allopolyploid α3605A470102.4E-03
Synth. Allopolyploid α4605B458201.1E-02
Natural Allopolyploid A. suecica 40242.3E-02
  • F4-a  The synthetic allopolyploids are described in (Comai et al. 2000).

  • F4-b  Two-tailed probability of the null hypothesis (no difference) from Fisher exact test of independence in which all lines' responses are compared with that of the paternal C. arenosa.

  • F4-c  These plants were considerably less affected than the synthetic allopolyploids (see “Materials and Methods”).