Table V.

Transcriptional changes caused by azadC in parents and F3 allotetraploids

Compared Lines and TreatmentsTotal5-a%PScored5-b
Line 1azadCLine(s) 25-cazadC
Arabidopsis5-d + Arabidopsis13 /1,5000.9Any change
ArabidopsisAllo7 /1,5000.5If Arabidopsis ≠ any Allo5-e
Arabidopsis + Allo + 45 /1,5003.08E-9If Arabidopsis ≠ any Allo
ArabidopsisAllo + 41 /1,5002.75E-7If Arabidopsis ≠ any Allo
  • F5-a  Changed AFLP-cDNA bands/no. of cDNA bands scored.

  • F5-b  Bands were scored if they were absent in one of the two lines compared or, in the case of the allotetraploids, if any of the four lines sampled differed from Arabidopsis. Bands present in C. arenosa but absent in allotetraploids were not scored because they could be caused by polymorphisms in the parent. Bands present in allotetraploids and not in the parents were scored (see “Results” for further comments).

  • F5-c  Four allotetraploid individuals were sampled.

  • F5-d  Allo, F3allotetraploids of Arabidopsis and C. arenosa.

  • F5-e  Two-tailed probability of the null hypothesis (no difference) from Fisher exact test of independence in which row 2 data are compared with rows 3 or 4.