Table I.

Spectral properties of the various LOV-domain fusion proteins

ConstructWavelength of PeakExtinction at Peak WavelengthKppr (× 102)Photoproduct at PhotoequilibriumRelative Quantum Efficiency1-a
nm 1 mol−1cm−1 s−1 %
At1-b phot1 LOV1448.513,9000.38370.035
At phot1 LOV2446.514,3003.9910.34
At phot1 LOV1+2447.513,7001.955
At phot2 LOV1447.514,7001.5620.13
At phot2 LOV2445.513,5002.9520.27
At phot2 LOV1+2446.513,4002.455
Os phot1 LOV1449.511,2000.23330.026
Os phot1 LOV2446.515,2003.7870.30
Os phot1 LOV1+2448.011,8001.641
Os phot2 LOV1448.011,1002.9830.33
Os phot2 LOV2446.513,3003.1810.29
Os phot2 LOV1+2447.013,3002.977
Cr LOV1447.013,8003.3730.30
Cr LOV2445.513,3003.7690.35
Cr LOV1+2446.513,2003.675
  • F1-a Approximate efficiencies (Q) were calculated from the equation Q = K ppfε−1 I −1, whereK ppf is the initial rate of photoproduct formation in s−1, ε is the molar extinction coefficient in 1 mol−1 cm−1, and I is the fluence rate of the actinic light in μmol m−2s−1.

  • F1-b At, Arabidopsis; Os, rice; Cr,C. reinhardtii.