Table II.

Arabidopsis sequences in plant PP1 subclusters of the PPP phosphatase family

ST ClassPercent Bootstrap Support for Cluster2-aArabidopsis Member(s)Tree Taxon No.Comments
Subcluster 199% (NJ)At3g46820166Annotated, confirmed by tree (“TOPP5”)
100% (Pars)At5g59160167(“TOPP2”)
Subcluster 2100% (NJ)At2g29400169(“TOPP1”)
99% (Pars)
Subcluster 481% (NJ) 53% (Pars)At2g39840175(“TOPP4”)
Subcluster 596% (NJ)At4g11240185(“TOPP7”)
89% (Pars)At1g64040184(“TOPP3”)
Subcluster 6100% (NJ)At5g27840186Annotated, confirmed by tree (“TOPP8”)
100% (Pars)At3g05580187Putative PP1, confirmed by tree (“TOPP6”)
  • F2-a  1,000 total neighbor joining (NJ) bootstrap replicates, 200 total maximum parsimony (Pars) bootstrap replicates.