Table I.

Genes affected by BR deficiency

Affymetrix Identification/Accession No.Gene(Putative) FunctionWT versus dwf1-6WT versus αCPDWT + BR versus WT − BRdwf1-6+BR versus dwf1-6 − BR
Genes affected by BR deficiency: stronger expression in wild-type plants
 16522_at/X77500 AAP4 Amino acid transporterNC 1.3I 2.1NC −1.3NC −1.8
 19531_at/AL021960 AAT1 Amino acid transport protein *I 3.5NC 1.8NC 1.2NC 1.4
 17595_s_at/AF166352 AGT3 Ala:glyoxylate aminotransferase 2 homologNC 1.3I 2.6NC −1.5NC −1.6
 15166_s_at/AF042195 ARF7 Auxin response factorNC 1.3I 2.1NC 1.3NC 1.5
 16411_s_at/AJ002280 ASKβ Shaggy-like protein kinaseNC 1.4I 3.2NC −1.1NC −1.2
 17467_at/X75431 ASK-γ Homolog of the shaggy and GSK-3 protein kinasesI 1.9NC 1.6NC 1.5NC 1.1
 13209_s_at/AF040632 AXR3 Auxin responseI 2.4NC 1.2NC 1.7NC 1.3
 16669_at/U20810 CIP1 Cytoskeleton-associated protein *NC ∼1.8I 2.1NC 1.0NC −2.2
 15997_s_at/AB004872 COR47 Dehydration and cold-regulated geneI 2.1I 1.7NC 1.2NC 1.3
 16172_at/D78603 CYP71B4 Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (CYP71B4)I 1.5I 2.4NC 1.1NC 1.5
 17023_s_at/U53860 DET2 Steroid reductaseNC 1.2I 3.3NC −1.1NC 1.1
 18729_at/Y14072 HMGβ1 High-mobility group 1-like proteinNC 1.4I 1.9NC 1.1NC −1.2
 13293_s_at/U18415 IAA13 Auxin responseNC 1.2I 1.7NC 1.1NC 1.0
 13297_at/AF027157 IAA2 Auxin responseNC 1.4I 2.2NC −1.4NC −1.1
 13300_at/U53672 IAA22 Auxin response *I 2.4NC 1.8NC 1.0NC 1.2
 13665_f_at/AF079587 ICK1 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitorNC 1.4 *I 1.8NC 1.0NC 1.2
 18023_s_at/AJ011044 Oas6 Cys synthaseI 2.1NC 1.2NC −1.7NC −1.6
 16038_s_at/L04173 RAB18 Gly-rich protein *I 3.4I 4.9NC 1.4 *NC ∼−2.1
 16769_at/Z83312 SAL2 5′-Bisphosphate nucleotidaseI 2.0I 3.4NC 1.0NC −1.3
 17880_s_at/Z50752 Sugar transporterI 2.0I 1.6NC 1.2NC 1.2
 15761_at/AL021687 Neoxanthin cleavage enzyme-like proteinI 1.7I 1.8NC 1.4NC −1.1
 18503_at/AL021889 bHLH protein *NC ∼3.1I 2.4NC 1.1NC 1.8
Genes affected by BR deficiency: stronger expression in BR-deficient plants
 17832_at/U94998 AHB1 Class 1 non-symbiotic hemoglobinD −3.1 *D ∼−2.5NC −1.2NC 1.5
 16610_s_at/AB008490 ARR7 Response regulator 7NC −2.0 *D ∼−5.3NC −1.6NC 1.1
 12406_s_at/U31370 ATCYP4 CyclophilinNC −1.3D −2.1NC −1.4NC 1.3
 16914_s_at/X89008 Atosm34 Osmotin *D −6.6D −3.6D −1.6NC 1.2
 15146_s_at/L38520 DIM Steroid synthesisD −1.8NC 1.0NC −1.3NC 1.0
 15194_s_at/U15683 GASA4 GA-regulated geneD −3.5NC −1.7NC −1.3NC 1.1
 15160_s_at/U75193 GLP3b Germin-like proteinD −2.2NC −1.2NC −1.2NC −1.0
 15115_f_at/AF104330 GRP3S Gly-rich protein 3D −2.2NC −1.4NC 1.2NC −1.4
 20347_at/Y12575 H2A HistoneD −2.7D −1.9NC 1.1NC 1.1
 17409_at/M17131 H3 HistoneD −2.0NC −1.3NC 1.3NC 1.3
 13680_at/L04637 LOX1 LipoxygenaseNC −2.8D −1.8NC −1.0NC −1.5
 15992_s_at/X16432 NAEEFTU Elongation factor 1-αD −2.0NC −1.4NC −1.0NC −1.4
 12926_s_at/L39954 PRL Cell divisionD −2.5NC −1.4NC −1.1NC 1.6
 14643_s_at/Z46823 RAR047 Sulfotransferase *NC −1.5D −2.1NC 1.2MD −1.9
 16981_s_at/U35829 TRX5 Thioredoxin hNC −1.3D −2.1NC −1.1D −2.1
 15658_at/D84417 Monodehydroascorbate reductase *D ∼−11.8D −2.1NC −1.2NC 1.1
 20547_at/AB021934 Nicotianamine synthaseNC −1.4D −2.6NC −1.6NC 1.1

I, Increase (according to the Affymetrix Difference Call algorithm); MI, marginal increase; D, decrease; MD, marginal decrease; NC, no change. Nos. give the fold change. All transcripts meet the presence criterion in both situations (exceptions indicated with an asterisk). ∼ Indicates background problems and the fold change is an approximation.