Table II.

BR-regulated genes (consistently affected by BR treatment and BR deficiency)

Affymetrix Identification/Accession No.Gene(Putative) FunctionWT versus dwf1-6WT versus αCPDWT + BR versus WT − BRdwf1-6+BR versus dwf1-6 − BR
Genes showing consistent responses to BR deficiency and BR treatment: BR-up-regulated genes
 17572_s_at/AF083036 AMT1;2 Ammonium transporterI 3.6NC 1.5I 2.8NC −1.2
 19653_g_at/AJ003215 GTL1 DNA-binding proteinI 1.5I 1.6NC 1.4NC 1.8
 18950_at/U09335 HAT2 Homeobox proteinI 2.1NC 1.5NC 1.4I 1.8
 16465_at/Y08892 Hsc70-G8 Heat shock proteinI 2.0NC 1.7I 2.2I 2.2
 13301_at/U18406 IAA3 Auxin-inducible RNAI 2.1NC 1.2I 3.2I 6.1
 17961_at/AF053345 KCS1 Fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 1 *I 2.5 *NC 2.0I 3.8I 6.8
 15124_s_at/U59508 PRO1 Osmotic stress-induced Pro DHNC 1.0I 2.0I 2.2I 3.3
 18038_i_at/AJ011637 SPL10 Squamosa promoter binding protein-like 10NC 1.3I 2.5I 2.5NC 1.1
 17072_s_at/L39650 ZFP7 Zinc finger proteinI 1.8NC 1.3I 2.4NC 1.1
 16555_at/AF079503 H-protein promoter binding factor-2aNC 1.2I 2.1NC 2.9 *NC 2.3
Genes showing consistent responses to BR deficiency and BR treatment: BR-down-regulated genes
 13212_s_at/M90509 BG2/PR2 β-1,3-glucanaseNC −1.2D −2.1D −2.3D −1.9
 16042_s_at/X87367 CPD Steroid 23-hydroxylaseNC −1.6I 2.0D −4.2D −4.2
 13870_at/AF044216 DWF4 Steroid 22-hydroxylase *MD −3.0NC −1.7D −2.7D −6.7
 12736_f_at/Z97048 MYB13 R2R3-MYB transcription factorNC −1.4NC −1.4D −3.1D −2.8
 18738_f_at/Z95741 MYB14 R2R3-MYB transcription factorNC −1.3 *NC −1.7D −2.6D ∼−4.9
 14240_s_at/X13434 NIA1 Nitrate reductase NR1NC −1.2D −2.9 *D −7.3D −2.9
 16535_s_at/AB008097 ROT3 Steroid synthesis *D −3.7D −1.9 *D −5.1D −1.9
 14654_s_at/AF105034 STE1/DWF7 Δ7 Sterol C-5 desaturaseNC −1.1D −2.3D −4.1NC −1.7

I, Increase (according to the Affymetrix Difference Call algorithm); MI, marginal increase; D, decrease; MD, marginal decrease; NC, no change. Nos. give the fold change. All transcripts meet the presence criterion in both situations (exceptions indicated with asterisk). ∼ Indicates background problems and the fold change is an approximation.