Table III.

Genes affected by BR treatment

Affymetrix Identification/Accession No.Gene(Putative) FunctionWT versus dwf1-6WT versus αCPDWT + BR versus WT − BRdwf1-6+BR versus dwf1-6 − BR
Genes affected by BR treatment: stronger expression in BR-treated plants
 16617_s_at/AF029980 A37 Ortholog of SNZ growth arrest response genesNC −1.1NC −1.3I 1.8I 1.7
 14732_at/AF016100 ACO2 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase *NC 1.6NC −1.1I 3.2NC 1.3
 15107_s_at/AF060874 AGP4 Arabinogalactan proteinNC 1.2NC 1.6I 2.5I 1.9
 15154_at/L29083 ASN1 Asn synthetaseNC −1.5I 2.4I 1.6I 3.7
 17525_at/AF007778 AtTPPA Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphataseNC −1.0NC −1.5I 2.4I 2.7
 15122_at/U39485 dTIP Tonoplast integral proteinNC −1.4NC −1.0I 2.6I 1.8
 17494_s_at/U30478 EXP5 ExpansinNC 1.5NC 1.0I 2.0I 2.8
 17378_at/U89512 Glossy8 β-keto acyl reductaseNC 1.0NC −1.1I 2.2I 1.6
 15960_at/Y17053 Hsc70-3 Heat shock proteinNC 1.2NC −1.3I 1.8I 1.8
 16466_s_at/Y08903 Hsc70-G7 Heat shock proteinNC 1.2NC −1.2I 1.8I 1.6
 13277_i_at/Y14070 HSF3 Heat shock proteinNC −1.3NC 1.6I 1.6I 3.7
 13284_at/AJ002551 HSP70 Heat shock proteinNC 1.3NC 1.3I 3.2I 4.3
 13285_at/M62984 HSP83 Heat shock proteinNC 1.2NC 1.3I 2.5I 4.7
 13296_at/U49075 IAA19 Auxin responseNC 1.7NC −1.2I 2.1I 2.6
 18723_at/X99809 MIXTA Myb transcription factorNC −1.1NC 1.6NC 1.5I 2.1
 16099_at/U26936 MYB6 Myb transcription factorNC 1.1NC 1.2I 1.6I 2.1
 19203_s_at/AJ010475 RH28 DEAD box RNA helicase∼NC −1.2NC −1.1I 2.6NC 1.7
 17094_s_at/U49453 ROF1 FK506 binding protein FKBP62NC 1.2NC −1.1I 1.8I 1.9
 13027_at/Y14423 SEB1 Cell wall proteinNC −1.2NC 1.3NC 1.5I 1.8
 16620_s_at/AF051338 TCH4 Xyloglucan endotransglycosylaseNC −1.1NC 1.2I 3.2I 10.3
 16583_s_at/L39651 ZFP8 Zinc finger proteinNC −1.0NC −1.0I 2.1I 1.8
 16082_s_at/AF144382 GlutathioneS-transferaseNC 1.5NC −1.1I 2.0I 1.9
 16598_s_at/U63373 Polygalacturonase isoenzyme 1 β-subunit homologNC −1.1NC −1.0NC 1.8I 2.0
Genes affected by BR treatment: weaker expression in BR-treated plants
 18909_s_at/AF055848 AIR3 Subtilisin-like proteaseNC −1.1NC −1.1D −1.7D −1.8
 14763_at/X86958 AK13 Protein kinase *NC 1.5 *NC ∼1.2D −3.2D −3.1
 16163_s_at/U40154 AKT2 Potassium channelNC 1.1NC 1.1 *D −2.1 *D −2.9
 16606_at/U89771 ARF1-BP ARF1 binding proteinNC 1.2NC 1.1D −1.5D −2.0
 20389_at/X67033 Athb-5 Homeodomain proteinNC 1.0NC 1.4D −4.7D −2.3
 16613_s_at/AF012657 AtKT2 Potassium transporterNC 1.1NC −1.1NC −1.6D −2.9
 16119_s_at/AF029876 AtKUP1 Potassium transporterNC −1.4NC −1.2D −2.6D −7.8
 20210_g_at/AF017056 BRI1 BR receptorNC 1.2NC 1.4D −2.3D −1.8
 17514_s_at/AF076277 ERF1 Ethylene-responsive element binding factor 1 *NC −1.2NC ∼2.3D −3.4D −6.0
 16609_at/AB008104 ERF2 Ethylene-responsive element binding factor 2NC 1.4NC 1.4D −1.7D −2.3
 17089_s_at/U38416 FAH1 Ferulate-5-hydroxylaseNC 1.2NC −1.2NC −1.2D −2.1
 12500_s_at/AF081067 IAR3 Auxin conjugate hydrolaseNC 1.2NC −1.1D −1.6D −2.5
 12712_f_at/Z95774 MYB51 R2R3-MYB transcription factor *NC 1.4 *NC −1.2D −4.5NC −1.9
 16078_at/AF088281 PAP1 Phytochrome-associated protein 1NC −1.2NC 1.1D −2.8NC −1.7
 16559_s_at/AF088280 PAP3 Phytochrome-associated protein 3NC −1.5NC 1.1NC −1.2D −2.2
 14630_s_at/AF100166 PIF3 Phytochrome-interacting factor 3NC −1.7NC 1.3D −1.6D −1.9
 20462_at/U82399 PK1 Protein kinaseNC −1.4NC −1.2D −3.6D −4.0
 16927_s_at/AF035384 SEN4 Endo-xyloglucan transferaseNC −1.1NC 1.4D −2.4D −2.3
 18217_g_at/X95573 STZ Salt tolerance zinc finger proteinNC 1.3NC 1.3D −2.0D −2.8
 15178_s_at/U43489 XTR7 Xyloglucan endotransglycosylaseD −1.9I 3.4D −22.6 *D −12.3
 13211_s_at/M38240 Basic chitinase *NC 1.9NC 1.8D −2.2D −2.1
 15142_at/AB016819 UDP-Glc glucosyltransferaseNC 1.2NC 1.2MD −3.0D −2.1

I, Increase (according to the Affymetrix Difference Call algorithm; MI, marginal increase; D, decrease; MD, marginal decrease; NC, no change. Nos. give the fold change. All transcripts meet the presence criterion in both situations (exceptions indicated with asterisk). ∼ Indicates background problems and the fold change is an approximation.