Table I.

Stable and independent transposition frequencies of sprayed progeny

LinePlantsPlants AnalyzedDifferent InsertionsSTF1-cITF1-d
n %
Single plant analysis1-a
 WAT 12323213.338.9
 WAT 2181890.2350
 WAT 3111123.818.2
 WAT 3181844.8225
 WAT 5181862.8331.5
Pooled plants1-b
 WAT 319614.5216.67
 WAT 831781.9114
 WAT 1025851.762.5
 WAT 1429651.8683.3
 WAT 158810.812.5
 WAT 18291012.4510.0
 WAT 208810.6912.5
 WAT 219961.1866.6
 WAT 23101030.8230.0
 WAT 2432721.3128
 WAT 293330.92100.0
 WAT 303320.6866.7
 WAT 327730.3942.8
 LAT 26740.8357.1
 LAT 3371328.215.4
 LAT 266611.4316.7
  • F1-a  Data obtained with single plant Southern analysis.

  • F1-b  Data obtained using pooled samples for the Southern analysis.

  • F1-c  The STF was calculated as the ratio between the number of double resistant plants and the number of double-sprayed seeds.

  • F1-d  The ITF was estimated as the ratio of the number of different fragments observed to the total number of plants analyzed from a family.