Table III.

Number of stable transposants and estimated insertions in different populations

Population No.Parental Genotypes3-aSelected Transposants3-bInsertions Estimated3-cMutants (Dominant)3-d
13-e 5413464008 (4)
21882,6888001 n.d.
32461,2486004 (3)
41,2504,9604,0008 (8)
53-e 7263,0002,50035 (25)
Total13,2428,30056 (40)

n.d., Not determined.

    • F3-a  Number of segregating T2/T3 or F2 genotypes used.

    • F3-b  Plants with stable insertions.

    • F3-c  Estimated on basis of molecular analysis and stable insertion frequency.

    • F3-d  Number of confirmed dominant mutants based on segregation.

    • F3-e  Plants screened in pots at low density.