Table I.

Summary of Genbank accession nos., chromosomal locations, and EST profiles of cloned LACS genes

GeneGenbank Accession No.Chromosome/MIPS CodeCorresponding ESTs
LACS1 AF503751 Chromosome 2, At2g47240Developing seed: eight
Green siliques: seven
Roots: two
Flower buds/inflorescences: two
LACS2 AF503752 Chromosome 1, At1g49430Developing seed: one
Green siliques: four
Roots: one
Flower buds/inflorescences: one
LACS3 AF503753 Chromosome 1, At1g64400Rosette leaves: one
Liquid-cultured seedlings: one
LACS4 AF503754 Chromosome 4, At4g23850Green siliques: two
LACS5 AF503755 Chromosome 4, At4g11030None
LACS6 AF503756 Chromosome 3, At3g05970Green siliques: one
Roots: one
LACS7 AF503757 Chromosome 5, At5g27600Developing seed: two
Roots: one
LACS8 AF503758 Chromosome 2, At2g04350Roots: one
Etiolated hypocotyls: one
LACS9 AF503759 Chromosome 1, At1g77590Developing seed: two
Green siliques: two
Roots: three