Table I.

Cyt and AOX capacities in mitochondria isolated from wt and transgenic (AS8) tobacco cells

CellsMitochondriaCyt CapacityAOX Capacity
nmol O2mg−1 protein min−1
WtFrom untreated cells51.9*, 83.0** 12.7*, 41.1**
From cells treated for 4 h with Cys5.6*, 6.3** 63.3*, 136.6**
AS8From untreated cells44.61.8
From cells treated for 4 h with Cys6.42.8

In some cases, cells were treated with 1 mM Cys for 4 h prior to mitochondrial isolation. See “Materials and Methods” for assay conditions. In some cases, results from two independent experiments are shown, and values with the same asterisks (* or **) represent data from the same experiment.