Table I.

Circadian period of gene expression in the aerial organs of det1

CAB + C2423.7a 0.3640
CHS + C2425.4b 0.3840
CHS + C24/Col25.0c 0.4120
CHS detI-1 C24/Col21.8d 0.4815
CAB detI-1 C24/Col20.70.3914

Plants were maintained as described in the legend to Figure 2B: grown for 7 d under LD (12,12) of 150 μmol m−2s−1 and transferred to constant light of 250 μmol m−2 s−1 for rhythm assays. Period estimation and statistical comparisons were performed as described in “Materials and Methods.” se are based on the analysis of seven experiments with 129 period estimates (119 degrees of freedom). Genetic backgrounds: C24, Columbia (Col); C24 × Columbia F2 (C24/Col). The significance levels of t tests comparing the mean periods were as follows: aCHS (+) versusCAB (+), P < 0.0001.b CHS (C24) versus CHS (C24/Col),P > 0.4. c CHS (+)versusCHS (det1), P < 0.0001. d CHS (det1) versus CAB (det1), P < 0.001.