Table II.

Circadian period of LUC activity rhythms in toc1

CAB + Aerial24.3a 0.084
CHS + Aerial25.10.375
CAB toc1-1 Aerial19.2b 0.256
CHS toc1-1 Aerial20.60.235
CHS + Root24.80.215
CHS toc1-1 Root21.20.264

Plants were maintained as described for Figure 2B and Table I. Period estimation and statistical comparisons were performed as described in “Materials and Methods.” All comparisons oftoc1 versus wild type for a given marker and tissue,P < 0.0001; CHS in aerial tissues versus roots, P > 0.15 in both wild type and toc1. All lines are in the C24 background. The significance levels oft tests comparing the mean periods were as follows:a CHS (+) versus CAB (+),P = 0.09. b CAB (toc1) versusCHS (toc1) in aerial organs, P < 0.005.