Table I.

Products of LOX metabolism with a known or proposed activity

(13S)-Hydroperoxy-(9Z-11E)-octadecadienoic (13-HPOD) and HPOTInhibitors of mycotoxin synthesis1-a
9- and 13-HPOD or HPOTDevelopment of hypersensitive cell death1-a
Jasmonic acid (JA)Allene oxide synthase (AOS)Signaling in several stresses and tendril coiling1-a
OPDAAOSSignaling in wounding and pathogen attack1-a; tendril coiling1-a
(C6-) volatiles (aldehydes and alcohols)Hydroperoxide lyase (HPL)Signaling in wounding1-a; attractors to enemies of herbivores1-a; antimicrobial1-a; odors1-a
Dinor-oxo-phytoclienoic acidAOSSignaling in wounding1-a
9- and 13-ketodienesLOXSignaling in wounding and pathogen attack1-b; induction of cell death1-b
TraumatinHPLSignaling in wounding1-a
(Z)-jasmoneAOSHerbivore repellent and attractor of enemies of herbivores1-a; signaling in plant defense1-a
Colneleic and colnelenic acidsDivinyl ether synthase (DES)Antifungal1-a
  • F1-a  Known activity.

  • F1-b  Proposed activity.