Table II.

Plant LOX genes in different species: regiospecificity and subcellular localization of corresponding LOXs, and expression patterns of their mRNAs

PlantLOX NameAccession No.2-aRegiospecificity2-bExpression2-c
ArabidopsisLox1 L04637 G, P, ABA, J, L, R, In
Lox22-d L23968 L, J, W, G, In
Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)PnLOX1 AF231454 13/9 (70/30%)S, J, W, P
Cucumber (Cucumis sativum)CSLBLOX2-e CAA63483 13/9 (84/16%)G
CRLOX-1 U36339 13/9 (54/46%)R
Soybean (Glycine max)L-1 J02795 13/9 (95%/5%)S, Ws
L-2 J03211 13/9 (50/50%)S
L-3 X06928 13/9 (50/50%)S, Ws
LOXA2-f U04785 R, L, G, J, Au, Po, VSP
LOXB2-f U50075 L, Fl, W, VSP, Po
LOXC2-f U26457 L, VSP, Po
LOXD2-g U04526 13/9 (80/20%)R, G, L, Au, Po, VSP, J
Barley (Hordeum vulgare)LoxA2-f L35931 S, G, J, W
LoxC2-f L37358 S, G, J, Ws
Lox2:Hv:12-d U56406 13 (89/11%)J, SA
Lentil (Lens culinaris)Lox1 X71344 13/9 (82/18%)
Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum)LoxA U09026 F, G, J
LoxB P38416 F, Et
LoxC2-d U37839 F, Et
LoxD2-d U37840 L, W, J, Sy, Fl
Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)Lox1 X84040 E, P, J
Rice (Oryza sativa)L-2 X64396 13G
Lox2:Os:1 D14000 13P
RCI-12-d AJ270938 13 (99/1%)BTH, INA, J
Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)LOX1 X63525 Fl, St, L
PvLOX2 U76687 N, L, R, W, J, Fl, S
PvLOX5 AF234983 N, R
Pea (Pisum sativum)LOX1:Ps:1 AF098918 G, R, N
LOX1:Ps:2 X78580 13/9 (88/12%)S
LOX1:Ps:32-f X78581 13/9 (44/66%)S
Potato (Solanum tuberosum)POTLX-3 U60201 J, Et, P
H1 X96405 13L, W, J, ABA
H3 X96406 13L, W, J, R, ABA
T8 X95513 9T, R, W, J
lox1:St:2 Y18548 13/9L, J, P, E
LOX5 AF039651 9T
Broad bean (Vicia faba)VfLox1 Z73498 N, R
  • F2-a  As archived in GenBank; please consult these accession nos. for more details about the pertinent authors.

  • F2-b  Activity determined from a cDNA expressed in Escherichia coli.

  • F2-c  Abbreviations: ABA, abscisic acid; BTH, benzo(1,2,3)thiadiazole-7-carbothioic acid; E, elicitor; Et, ethylene; F, fruit; Fl, flower; In, inflorecen; G, germination; INA, 2,6-dichlorolsonicotinic acid; J, jasmonates; L, leaf; N, nodule; P, pathogen; Po, pod; R, root; S, seed; St, stem; Sy, systemin; T, tuber; VSP, vegetative storate protein; W, wounding; Ws, water stress; and S, seed.

  • F2-d  Chloroplastic.

  • F2-e  Lipid bodies.

  • F2-f  Cytosolic.

  • F2-g  Vacuolar LOX.