Table I.

Summary of antibodies used and localization of their antigens

AntibodyEpitopePredominant LocalizationAccumulation in BFA Compartments
RGIIPectin: rhamnogalacturonan II dimer cross-linked with boronCell wallYes
JIM5Pectin: partially esterified (up to 40%) homogalacturonanCell wallYes
JIM7Pectin: esterified (up to 80%) homogalacturonanGA, vesiclesNo
LM7Pectin: non-blockwise de-esterified homogalacturonanCell wallNo
LM5Pectin: (1→4)-β-d-galactan of RG ICell wallYes
LM2AGP: α-linked glucuronic acid residueER, GA, vesicles, cell wall, PMNo
MAC207AGP: GlcpA-β(1→3)-d-GalpA-α(1→2)-l-Rha residuesER, GA, vesicles, cell wall, PMNo
HDELER proteinsER, vesiclesNo
ARF1ARF1GA, vesicles, PMYes
58Kcis-Golgi markerGANo
PM-H+ATPasePM-H+ATPasePM, vesiclesYes
PIN1Auxin efflux carrierPM, vesiclesYes