Table I.

Arabidopsis MEP pathway proteins

ProteinOther NamesAccession No.Length (PTP)ESTs
DXS CLA1At4g15560717  (58)23
DXS2At3g21500628  (35)3
DXS3At5g11380700  (47)1
DXR ISPC,YAEMAt5g62790477  (49)4
CMS ISPD,YGBPAt2g02500302  (61)1
CMK ISPE,YCHBAt2g26930383  (41)6
MCSISPF,YGBBAt1g63970223  (52)4
HDS ISPG,GCPEAt5g60600740  (38)24
IDSISPH,LYTBAt4g34350452  (38)13

The enzymes that have been demonstrated to be involved in plastid isoprenoid biosynthesis are shown in bold. The length of the proteins and their predicted plastid targeting peptides (PTP) is indicated with the number of amino acid residues. The total number of ESTs in GenBank Arabidopsis collections (113,330 ESTs) is also shown.