Table I.

Chromatin modifiers involved in Arabidopsis development

Process FactorsProposed FunctionReference
Chromatin assembly
 FAS1, FAS2Organization of shoot and root apical meristems during postembryonic development Kaya et al. (2001)
Histone deacetylase
 HDA1 HDA1 antisense provoke several developmental abnormalities, including homeotic changes, male and female sterility, and delay of flowering Tian and Chen (2001)
 HDA3Seed development Wu et al. (2000b)
ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling
 PKLRepression of meristematic- and embryonic-specific genes Ogas et al. (1999); Eshed et al. (1999)
 DDM1Maintenance of DNA methylation Vongs et al. (1993)
 SYDLFY-dependent repressor of the transition from inflorescence to flower meristem Wagner and Meyerowitz (2002)
Histone methyltransferase
 KYPKYP mutation affect DNA methylation at CpNpGp sites; SET-domain protein Jackson et al. (2002)
 CLFRepressor of AGAMOUS; SET-domain protein Goodrich et al. (1997)
 MEARepressor of endosperm development before fertilization; SET-domain protein Grossniklaus et al. (1998)
 EMF2Repression ofAGAMOUS in vegetative tissues Yoshida et al. (2001)
 FIS2Repressor of endosperm development before fertilization Luo et al. (1999)
 FIERepressor of endosperm development before fertilization Ohad et al. (1999)
 VRN2Maintaining stable repression of flowering locus C (FLC) Gendall et al. (2001)
Other coactivators or corepressors
 LUGRepression of AGAMOUS expression in whorls 1 and 2 Conner and Liu (2000)
Additional components
 LHP1Silencing genes involved in the transition to flowering and other developmental processes Gaudin et al. (2001)