Table I.

Purification of recombinant RF2A and RF2B

Soluble FractionDE52G50HAPNAD-AgaroseBC
 Total protein (mg)20290.066.25.700.700
 Total activity (U × 103)29.025.712.26.703.66
 Specific activity (U mg−1)1442851841,1805,230
 Purification fold2.21.48.236
 Total protein (mg)33420.815.05.20.41
 Total activity (U × 103)10253.638.126.77.46
 Specific activity (U mg−1)3062,5802,5405,14018,200
 Purification fold8.48.31760

One unit of enzyme activity (U) is expressed as 1 μmol of NADH min−1. Specific activity is expressed as unit activity mg protein−1. Purification fold is expressed as increased specific activity normalized by specific activity from the soluble extract. The data presented represent one typical experiment.