Table I.

Klason lignin of the COMT-AS line, bm3 mutant, and control line at the flowering stage

LineI 1 + 2I 3 + 4I 5 + 6LeavesWhole Plants
Line 225a6.787.135.888.066.23
Line 225b6.126.696.238.66.54
bm3 8.276.725.686.66nd1-a

Internodes (I) were annotated 1 to 6 from the bottom to the top and pooled two by two for analysis. 225a and 225b are R2progeny from two independent backcrosses of R1transformants. The data are expressed as weight percentage of the extract-free sample. They represent the mean of two independent assays with individual values varying from the mean by <1.5%. The values reported for the whole plants were obtained from a second set of plants.

    • F1-a nd, Not determined.