Table II.

Relative frequency and total yield of lignin-derived monomers recovered from the thioacydolyis of the COMT-AS line, bm3 mutant, and control line at the flowering stage

Line and SamplesRelative Frequency of Thioacydolysis MonomersThioacydolysis Yield
mol % μmol g−1 KL2-a
 I 1 +2240.756.70.6790
 I 3 +41.948.349.40.4690
 I 5 +62.153.643.80.4610
 Whole plant3.
Line 225a
 I 1 +21.756.235.86.3610
 I 3 +41.765.427.65.3490
 I 5 +6270.425.52.1520
 Whole plant2.470.120.47.1nd
Line 225b
 I 1 +21.658.333.46.7600
 I 3 +41.867.225.55.6450
 I 5 +61.970.822.35500
 Whole plant2.568.724.44.4nd
 I 1 +2176.47.714.9630
 I 3 +41.481.15.212.3540
 I 5 +61.985.13.79.3580

Internodes (I) were annotated 1 to 6 from the bottom to the top. H,p-Hydroxyphenyl; G, guaiacyl; S, syringyl; 5-OH-G, 5-hydroxyguaiacyl. 225a and 225b are R2 progeny from two independent backcrosses of R1 transformants. Each measurement represents the mean of two assays with individual values varying by <3.5% from the mean. The values reported for the whole plants were obtained from a second set of plant culture.

    • F2-a KL, Klason lignin.

    • F2-b nd, Not determined.