Table III.

Recovery yields of p-coumaric (PC) and ferulic (FE) acids from the alkaline hydrolysis of the COMT-AS line, bm3 mutant, and control line at the flowering stage

Line and SamplesPCFE
 I 1 + 212.47.6
 I 2 + 36.05.7
 Whole plant8.08.6
Line 225a
 I 1 + 28.88.1
 I 2 + 34.66.5
 Whole plant5.610.0
Line 225b
 I 1 +27.67.8
 I 2 + 34.76.7
 Whole plant5.410.5
 I 1 +25.77.8
 I 2 + 34.28.6

225a and 225b are R2 progeny from two independent backcrosses of R1 transformants. Data are expressed as mg g−1 extract-free internodes or whole plants and represent the mean of two independent experiments with individual values varying by <3% from the mean. The values reported for the entire plants were obtained from a second set of plant culture.