Table I.

The scaling constant (c) and energies of activation (Δ Ha), deactivation (Δ Hd), and entropy (Δ S) describing the temperature responses for mesophyll conductance and Rubisco enzyme kinetic parameters [parameter = e(c − Δ Ha/RTk) or parameter = e(c − Δ Ha/RTk)/(1 + exp((Δ STk − Δ Hd)/RTk)]

ParameterValue at 25°CcΔHaΔHdΔS
g m 120.049.6437.41.4
Γ*  37.4313.4924.46nrnr
K c 272.3838.2880.99nrnr
K o 165.8214.6823.72nrnr

nr, No statistically significant deactivation was detected at 40°C.