Table IV.

Subcellular localization predictions

ProteinTarget4-aPredicted Target4-bTargetPPredotariPSort4-cChloroP4-dSignalP NNSignalP HMMMitoProt IIPCLR
AtXPT (At5g17630)CHLCHL0.9010.98310.70.758
SEC0.0034-e 00.3460.003
AtTPT (At5g46110)CHLCHL0.3160.00500.4450.548
  • F4-a CHL, Chloroplast localization was experimentally determined.

  • F4-b CHL, Chloroplasts; MIT, mitochondria; SEC, secretory pathway.

  • F4-c iPSort generates a 'yes' = 1/'no' = 0 prediction.

  • F4-d The prediction scores of ChloroP were normalized to a 0–1 scale.

  • F4-e –, No prediction is generated for this subcellular compartment.