Table VIII.

Functional classification (according to Umea Plant Science Centre [UPSC]-MIPS classification scheme) of autumn leaf and young leaf ESTs belonging to the metabolism and energy classes

Functional ClassesAutumn LeavesYoung Leaves
Amino acid metabolism1.21.2
Nitrogen and sulfur metabolism0.20.1
Nucleotide metabolism0.40.2
C compound and carbohydrate metabolism2.82.1
Lipid, fatty acid, and isoprenoid metabolism1.31.0
Metabolism of vitamins, cofactors, and prosthetic groups0.30.8
Secondary metabolism0.91.2
Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis0.80.5
Tricarboxylic acid pathway0.20.2
Electron transport0.90.6
Light reaction0.915.8
Rubisco and Calvin cycle1.214.9
Pentose phosphate pathway0.10.1
Glyoxylate cycle0.20.1
Oxidation of fatty acids0.30.1
Other photosynthesis activities2.51.7
Other energy activities0.10.2