Table IV.

Metabolism of [methyl-14C]3-OMG in maize root tips during an incubation of 24 and 48 h

FractionMetabolized [Methyl-14C]3-OMG
24 h48 h
(nmol tip−1 ) % (nmol tip−1 ) %
Respiration4-a 0.850.342.851.06
Anions4-b 20.308.0929.9011.40
Insolubles4-c 5.702.275.852.17

Root tips were incubated with 100 mm[methyl[14C]3-OMG. After 24 and 48 h, 100 root tips were harvested and the different fractions were prepared and analyzed as described in “Materials and Methods.” Data are mean values of two independent experiments.

    • F4-a Respiration data refer to the amounts of 3-OMG respired by root tips between 0 and 24 h and between 0 and 48 h of incubation. Values were calculated from the amounts of [14C]CO2 released by the root tips and trapped in KOH solution.

    • F4-b After treatment of the anionic fraction with alkaline phosphatase and separation on anionic exchange resin, more than 98% of the radioactivity was retrieved in the neutral fraction, indicating that anions were almost totally ester-phosphates.

    • F4-c Insolubles refer to starch, cell wall, and water- and ethanol-insoluble compounds.