Table IV.

Predicted subcellular localization of pPT and PTh proteins

ProteinPred. localizationProgramReference
 Hs GDP-fucoseMitoA, B, G Luhn et al. (2001)
 At1g76340No signal
 Dm UDP-sugarGolgiGoto et al. (2001)
 At2g13650Golgi Baldwin et al. (2001)
 OsBAB41206Plastid or mitoD/C
 At1g06890Sec or plastidA, C/D
 At5g42420Sec or plastidD/C
 At1g21070Sec or plastidD/C
 At1g76670Plastid or secD/E
 At4g31600No signal
 At4g09810Plastid or mitoD/C
 At1g34020No signal
 HsAAF3127MitoB, G
 At5g55950No signal
 At5g57100MitoB, G
 At1g21870No signal
 At1g12500PlastidD, H
 At3g10290PlastidA, D, H
 At5g04160Mito or secB, G/A
 At5g05820Plastid or mitoB/G
 At1g48230Sec or mitoA, E/G
 At3g17430Sec or plastidA, C/D
 At2g25520Sec or mitoA, E/G
 At4g32390SecA, E
 At5g11230SecA, C, E
 At5g35400SecA, E
 At1g53660No signal
 At3g14410SecA, E
 Sc sly41MitoB, C
 Sp PTMito or secB, G/C
 No CAB91454No signal
 Hs KAA0447MitoC
 Hs BAB55306Mito or secB, G/C
 Dm CG14621MitoB, G
 Ag CP13118No signal
 AtTPTPlastid Flügge et al. (1989)
 OsTPTPlastid Flügge et al. (1989)
 GsPTPlastidA. Weber (unpublished data)
 AtXPTPlastid Eicks et al. (2002)
 OsGPT1Plastid Kammerer et al. (1998)
 AtGPT1Plastid Kammerer et al. (1998)
 AtGPT2Plastid Kammerer et al. (1998)
 OsPPTPlastid Fischer et al. (1997)
 AtPPT2Plastid Fischer et al. (1997)
 AtPPT10Plastid Fischer et al. (1997)

The putative localization was determined with different algorithms for all pPT and PT-homologous proteins. Pred. localization, Predicted localization; program, algorithms that predict the localization listed in pred. localization. A, TargetP_v1; B, Predotar_v0.5; C, iPSORT; D, ChloroP; E, SignalP_NN_v2; F, SignalP_HMM_v2; G, MitoProt_v2; H, PCLR_v0.9. mito, Mitochondrial targeting signal; sec, secretory pathway; Golgi, Golgi apparatus; plastid, plastid targeting signal. In cases where the predicted localization is validated by experimental data, the corresponding references are listed.