Table I.

Tassel fertility rating of the preliminary fertility restoration study

LineTDZ and Kinetin Applications at V4 + V7 + V10TDZ and Kinetin Applications at V7
0, 01-a0, 203, 200, 1003, 100

Two to three transgenic F1 plants were used in each treatment group. Plants were either treated repeatedly in three different rates at three V4, V7, and V10 developmental stages or once in a higher rate at V7 developmental stage. Rates are indicated by milligram per plant of TDZ and kinetin, respectively, in the presence of 0.25% (v/v) Sylgard 309 surfactant. The fertility rating was based on the visual observation. 0, No or very little floral development; +, advance floral development observed in some areas of tassels; ++, increased areas of advanced floral development and anthersis observed in some flowers.

    • F1-a  “#, #” indicate milligram per plant of TDZ and kinetin in each treatment.