Table I.

ANOVA for data presented in the figures

ParameterStatisticsPMCPP × MCP
Root elongation rate Fvalue433.90.4535.78
Pr >F <0.0001ns1-a <0.0001
Strain in the meristem Fvalue0.710.780.76
Pr >F nsnsns
Maximal strain F value146.81.0123.04
Pr >F <0.0001ns<0.0001
Location of the maximal strain Fvalue7.517.0121.33
Pr >F 0.0113<0.0001<0.0001
Meristem length F value1.010.150.18
Pr >F nsnsns
Elongation zone length F value35.110.980.52
Pr >F <0.0001nsns
Growth zone length F value42.741.460.41
Pr >F <0.0001nsns
Trichoblast length F value39431.2391.17
Pr >F <0.0001<0.0001<0.0001
Atrichoblast length F value117.415.332.42
Pr >F <0.00010.0002<0.0001
Cortical cell length F value569.255.5911.38
Pr >F <0.0001<0.00010.001
Trichoblast flux F value37.16.161.6
Pr >F <0.00010.0112ns
Atrichoblast flux F value80.63.392.85
Pr > F <0.00010.03080.0391
Cortical cell flux F value14.98.215.06
Pr >F 0.00150.00390.0209
First hair initiation F value310.53.520.22
Pr >F <0.00010.0456<0.0001
First hair to the end of growth zone F value26.54.88.85
Pr > F <0.00010.020.0021
  • F1-a  ns, No significant difference atP < 0.05.