Table III.

Development of tobacco fruits in relation to mannan deposition

Days after AnthesisCapsule Fresh WtCapsule ColorCalyx ColorSeed Fresh WtSeed ColorMan as % of Seed Cell Walls
g g
140.34gr.l. gr.0.04Colorless0
150.56gr.l. gr.0.06Colorless0
201.20y./gr.y./gr.0.20br./d. br28
tip br.
211.23y./gr.y./gr.0.22br./d. br.29
tip br.
221.29y./gr.y./gr.0.26d. br.34
tip br.
231.08y./gr.y.0.19d. br (dry)38
tip br.

gr, Green; y, yellow; br, brown. d, dark; l, light.