Table V.

Amounts and compositions of cell wall materials dissolved by the action of endo-(1→4)-β-d-mannanase on endosperm tissues of T1 and T2 generation seeds from transgenic tobacco plants expressing fenugreek GMGT

Transgenic or Control LineAraGalGlcManMan/Gal Value% of Wall Dissolved% of Man Dissolved
mol %
 FGT 13.310.36.679.87.75470
 FGT 64.89.911.174.17.55878
 FGT AA3.910.
T1 generation
 FGT O3.67.47.581.511.05875
 FGT L3.
 CTR A2.74.46.786.219.658805-b
 CTR B3.34.15.986.821.26987
 CTR C3.

The T1 generation seeds include 25% azygous individuals without the transgene, whereas the T2 generation seeds include less than 3% of such individuals. Transgenics were independent lines, and control plants had been regenerated from tissue culture. Duplicate analyses are of independent lots of 50 endosperms.

    • F5-a Xyl absent from dissolved cell wall material.

    • F5-b Less precise value due to poor separation of Xyl from Man in hydrolysate of undissolved cell wall material.