Table II.

Molecular variation in FLC

The presence (+) or absence (-) of the transposon insertion and 30-bp repeat in FLC was detected by PCR- and cleaved-amplified polymorphic sequence-based markers respectively. nd, Not determined. Flowering time categories were as in Karlsson et al. (1993) and Nordborg and Bergelson (1999), but the early flowering category was extended to cover early and intermediate flowering times due to our observations that Kondara and Kz-9 flowered significantly later than Shakhdara, Wil-2, and Cvi.

Flowering Time Transposon 30-bp Repeat
Early-Intermediate Late
Cvi, Shakhdara, Wil-2,WS, LaO, Rsch-4, Gr, Tsu-O, Kz-9, Kondara H55, St, C24, Öst - -
Col, Li5, Nd, S96 H51, Est-O - +
Di-1, Te, Can, EDI - nd
Ler, Di-2, Di-G + -