Table II.

Predicted and confirmed GPI-anchored proteins in Arabidopsis

Confirmed GPI-anchored proteins are marked by superscript nos. (Table I). Bold indicates the presence of probable AG glycomodules. Entries in parentheses are candidates that have weak predictions for N- or C-terminal peptides. Families of homologous unknown/hypothetical proteins are separated by semicolons. Predictions have been submitted to MIPS.

Protein Family MIPS Protein Entry Codes Total
Classical AGPs At1g35230, At1g68725, At2g14890, At2g22470, At2g23130, At2g47930, At3g01700, At3g06360a, At4g09030, At4g16985, At4g37450, At4g40091, At5g10430, At5g14380, At5g18690, At5g64310, At5g65390 17
AG peptides At1g55330, (At2g46330), At3g01730, At3g13520, At3g20865, At3g57690, (At3g61640), At4g26320, At5g11740, At5g40730, At5g53250, At5g56540 12
Extensin related At1g02405, At1g23040, At1g70990, At3g06750, At4g16140, At5g11990, At5g49280 7
Phytocyanins (28)
    Stellacyanin like At2g26720, At2g31050, At5g202301, At5g26330 4
    Uclacyanin like At1g22480, At1g72230, At2g32300, At2g447902, At3g27200, At3g60270, At3g60280, At5g07475 8
    Early nodulin like At1g08500, At1g48940, At1g79800, At2g23990, At2g250603, At3g01070, At3g18590, At3g20570, At4g275204, At4g28365, At4g30590, At4g31840, At4g32490, At5g15350a, At5g250905, At5g53870 16
COBRA family (10)
    COBRA At1g09790, At3g02210, At3g29810, At5g15630, At5g60920 5
    COBRA like At3g16860, At3g20580, (At4g161206), (At4g27110), At5g49270 5
GPDL At1g66970, At3g20520, At4g266907, At5g554808, At5g58050, At5g58170 6
HIPL At1g747909, At5g39970, At5g6263010 3
Fasciclin-like AGPs (FLAs) At1g03870, At2g0478011, At2g20520, At2g24450, At2g4547012, At3g12660, At3g46550, At3g6090013, At4g12730, At4g31370, At5g03170, At5g44130, At5g5573014, At5g60490 14
Fasciclin like At1g30800, At4g12950 2
β-1,3 Glucanases At1g1183015, (At1g18650), At1g26450, At1g32860a, At1g64760, At1g6625016, At1g69295, At1g77780, At2g0163017, At2g19440, At2g26600, At3g04010, At3g1356018a, At3g15800, (At3g24330), At3g58100, At4g29360, At4g3114019, At5g08000, (At5g18220), At5g20870, At5g42100, At5g42720, At5g56590, At5g5809020, At5g58480, At5g61130, At5g64790 28
Polygalacturonase At3g15720 1
Pectate Lyases At3g53190, At3g54920, At5g04310 3
Proteases (16)
    Aspartyl- At1g05840, At1g08210, At1g65240, At2g17760, At3g02740, At3g51330, At3g51350, At4g35880, At5g10080, At5g36260 10
    Metallo- At1g24140, At1g59970, At1g70170, (At2g45040), (At4g16640) 5
    Cys- At3g43960 1
LTPL At1g05450, At1g18280, At1g2795021a, At1g36150, (At1g55260), At1g62790, At1g73890, At2g13830, At2g27130, At2g44290, At2g44300, At2g48130, At2g48140, At3g22600, At3g22611, At3g43720, At3g58550, At4g08670, At4g12360, At4g14805, At4g14815, At4g22630, At4g22640, At5g09370, At5g13900, At5g64080 26
SKU5 family At4g1242022, At4g2524023, At5g51480 3
Receptor like (16)
    RLK3 like (DUF26) At1g63550, At1g63580, At5g4128024, At5g4129025, At5g41300 5
    PRK5 like At1g20030, At4g36010,At4g38660 3
    Lectin like At1g07460 1
    LysM domains At1g2188026, At1g77630, At2g1712027 3
    Other At1g10375 1
    Cf-2/Cf-5 like At1g80080, At2g42800, At4g28560 3
GPI-Anchored peptides (GAPEPs) At3g01940, (At3g01950), At5g14110, (At5g40960), At5g40970a, At5g40980, (At5g50660), At5g63500 8
Other At5g07190, At5g62200, At5g62210; At3g0739028; At1g24520, At4g15460 6
Unknown/hypothetical At1g54860, At3g06035, At5g1923029, At5g1925030; At1g07135, At1g09175, At3g04640, At3g55790; At1g29980, At2g34510, At5g14150; At2g20700, At4g28280, At5g56170; At3g18050, At4g28100; At3g27410, At5g40620, (At1g23050), At1g70985; At5g26290a, At5g26300a; At3g24518, At5g35890; At1g21090; At1g56320; At1g61900; At1g64640; At2g28410; (At2g29660); At3g26110; At3g44100a; At3g58890; At3g61980; At4g14746; At4g28085; At4g38140; At5g08210; At5g14190; At5g16670; At5g22430; At5g67131 42
Total 248
  • a Sequences found in the extended genomic analysis.