Table I.

Mapping details of Ds launch pad T-DNA insertions

The flanking fragment column lists which method of PCR was used, TAIL PCR or IPCR, and from which T-DNA border the fragment was amplified: LB or RB. For TAIL PCR-generated fragments, the degenerate primer used is listed, AD2 or AD5 (see “Materials and Methods”). For IPCR-generated fragments, the restriction enzyme used is listed (BstY1, HincII, or Bg/II). —, not used for screening.

Line Flanking Fragment YAC CIC Hits BAC Hits Chromosome Nearest Genetic Marker Accession No. Sequence BLAST Hits
268A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) Unsuccessful F24L23, F4D20, F25B4, F27C15, F25J17, F10K1 1 m488 AL672132 BAC F10K1
419B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 1 ve005, nga63 AL672133 BAC F21M12
10A TAIL PCR (RBAD5) 4C8, 10E2 1 m214A AL672134 BAC F14N23
255B TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 10E2, 3C3 1 m214A AL672135 BAC T19D16
491A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 1 NCC1 AL672136 BAC F12F1
306A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 1 mi265 AL672137 BAC F316
385A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 1 mi163 AL683885 BAC F21J9
413A TAIL PCR (RBAD5) 1 ve008 BX088701 BAC F13K9
126A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 11B7, 5D9, 9C8, 10B6 1 m271, m201 BX119327 BAC F3M18
202A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 3H12, 12F3 1 m402, m254 BX119328 BAC T518
265A IPCR (LB/BstYI) Unsuccessful Unsuccessful 1 CIC9A2 AL672131 BAC F12M16
339A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 1 nga280 BX119329 BAC F14G9, F13N6
250A IPCR (LB/HincII) 6G10, 5D1 1 g4026 BX119330 BAC T13D8
364B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 1 m305 BX119331 BAC F24D7
32B TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 1 m305 BX119332 BAC F15H21
384A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 1 m315 BX119333 BAC F1E22
309A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) - - F1B12, F28P5, F15H19, T5N1, T22F10, T22G18, T15G23, T10O9 1 mi462 BX119334 BAC F28P5
130A IPCR (LB/BstYI) 2F9, 12H9, 6H1 1 ve116 BX119335 BAC T9L24
316A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 1 mi425 BX119336 BAC F2P9
272A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 4F1, 11F4 1 m532 BX119337 BAC F10A5
27A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) Unsuccessful F5I24, T10K12, T10K14, T5M16 1 agp15 BX119338 BAC T5M16
264A IPCR (LB/BstYI) Unsuccessful 1 agp15 BX119339 BAC T5M16
262A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) Unsuccessful 2 B68 BX119340 BAC F12C20
86B TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 3H8, 4B4, 12B1 2 mi54 BX119341 BAC F16P2
492A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 2 mi54 BX119342 BAC F16P2
60A TAIL PCR (RBAD5) 3H8, 12B1 2 mi54 BX119343 BAC T27A16
345B TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 2 m283C BX119344 BAC T6B20
437A TAIL PCR (LBAD2, RBAD2) 2 nga361 BX119345 BAC F20M17, T9H9
453A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 2 COR15 BX119346 BAC F14N22, T9E20
313B TAIL PCR (LBAD2, RBAD5) 2 m336 BX119347 BAC F411
43A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 2E5, 2E7 2 m336 BX119348 BAC F411
340B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 2 ve019 BX119349 BAC F11C10, T3F17
402B TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 2 mi79A BX119350 BAC T30B22
141B TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 11E4 3 mi335 BX119351 BAC F2O10, F10A16
317A TAIL PCR (LBAD5, RBAD5) 3 MS2 BX119352 BAC F9F8
276A IPCR (LB/Bg/II) 6G10, 11G11 F10H8, F2F18, F9O23, F4N22, F6M2, F17E7, F17A12, T27L22, T15C3, T14I11, T9M12, T13K13, T6A16 3 B26 BX119353 P1 MGL6
196A IPCR (LB/Bg/II) Unsuccessful F8C15, F2A16, F1507, F11K22, F3P10, F3B8, F22B10, F22H17, T4K14, T25J17 3 mi268 No sequence
92A IPCR (LB/BstYI) Unsuccessful F3K10, F25J12, F19G21, F2P4, T7A12, T4J23, T4M20, T22F20, T17M20, T23K2 3 mi268 No sequence
143A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) Unsuccessful F5C8, F2I14, F2D23, F15M23, F12, H18, F13O5, F12O8, T9E21, T18I20 3 mi225 BX119354 P1 MYM9
146A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 3 ve021 BX119355 BAC T22K7
70A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 3C4, 4D9, 4D10, 6F10, 3H10 3 ve021 BX119356 BAC T14D3
380A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 3 m457 BX119357 BAC T16K5, T9C5
19E TAIL PCR (RBAD5) 10A11, 11G7, 7A4, 6F4 3 mi456 BX119358 AtEm1
151A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 11B6, 11G5 3 ve042 BX119359 BAC F24B22
208A IPCR (LB/HincII) 7F7 3 ve022 BX119360 BAC T8M16, T26M13
473A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 3 m424 BX119361 BAC F21F14
101A IPCR (LB/HincII) 1D5 F15G24, T28D5, T16H12 4 mi167 BX119362 BAC T28D5
438A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 4 m518 BX119363 BAC F17A8, T5L19
55A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 10F9, 10G11, 3G3, 3H5, 9G5 4 m518 BX119364 BAC T22B4
66A TAIL PCR (RBAD5) Unsuccessful F2O7, F9F13, T4C8, T8K8, T2H15 4 g13838 BX119365 BAC F9F13
22A4 TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 5C2, 1E5, 6B12, 1G9 F2C22, F24K5, F2L2, F5L19, F22K18, T6I22, T24D6, T19P12, T11C5, T13C3 4 mi475 BX119366 BAC F22K18
436A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 4 RPS2 BX119367 BAC T25K17
475A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 4 mi123 BX119368 BAC T27E11
423A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 4 mi232 BX119369 BAC F26K10
431A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 4 mi232 BX119370 BAC F25024
368A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 4 g8300 BX119371 BAC F28M20
93A IPCR (LB/Hincll) 11C6, 10E9 - 4 mi431 BX119372 BAC F10N7
245A TAIL PCR (RBAD5) 1F9, 10E9, 11D9 - 4 mi431 BX119373 BAC F4D11
162A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) Unsuccessful Unsuccessful 4 HLS1 BX119374 BAC F19F18
100A IPCR (LB/Hincll) 6C9 - 4 CIC3H2 BX119375 BAC F20M13
137A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) Unsuccessful - 4 mi369 BX119376 BAC T19P19
312B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) - - 4 mi369 BX119913 BAC T5J17
350C TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 5 m447 BX119377 BAC F8F6
458C TAIL PCR (LBAD2) - - 5 fad8, PAI2 BX119378 P1 MOP10
480A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) - - 5 nga158 BX119379 P1 MJJ3
37A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 12E4 (not mapped) - 5 mi97 BX119380 P1 MXM12
157A IPCR (LB/BstYI) 2A5, 1B8, 12E1 - 5 ve033 BX119381 P1 MYH9
50A2 TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 7F6 F2E7, F3J8, F5H2, T27G13, T24P18, T3E23 5 CHS BX119382 BAC T24H18
449A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) - - 5 CHS BX119383 BA T19L5
5A2 TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 5H3, 7F6 - 5 CHS BX119384 P1 MSH12
365B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) - - 5 CHS BX119385 P1 MSH12
263A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) Unsuccessful - 5 CHS BX119386 P1 MSH12
46A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 8E12, 9F1 - 5 nga106 No sequence -
247A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 6H3 - 5 nga106 BX119387 TAC K3M16
341A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 5 NIT4 BX119388 BAC F22D1
337A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 5 mi90, mi433 BX119389 P1 MDJ22
94A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 4B3 F17C11, F10L15, F28E12, F19J5 F10E22, F10A10, T32E23, T3K10, T3M12 5 PhyC BX119390 P1 MXH1
256A TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 4B3 F16L17, F2G12, F8J23, F2A3, F5O7, F19J5, F10E22, F10A10, F17C11, T13E1, T10C22, T10D24 5 PhyC BX119391 P1 MXH1
343A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 5 g4028 BX119392 P1 MBK23
203A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 10G6 F21H14, F22A6, F15F8, F19K24, F24K21 5 ve027 BX119393 P1 MNJ7
373A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) - - 5 nga129 BX119394 TAC K9P8
412A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) - - 5 KG8 BX119395 TAC K10D11
115B TAIL PCR (RBAD2) 11F9, 11F10 F2111, F6J7, T32G8, T30P9 5 KG8 BX119396 BAC T4M5
150B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) 5H10, 1C5 - 5 m435 BX119397 P1 MJP23
188A TAIL PCR (LBAD5) 1C5, 1C7, 1C8, 1C9, 1D7 - 5 m435 No sequence -
1A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) Unsuccessful - 5 mi69 BX119398 P1 MCD7
398A TAIL PCR (RBAD2) - - 5 mi70 BX119399 P1 MRI1
270B IPCR (LB/BstYI) - F11A13, F24L17, F23P19, F22F21, F23L2, F4114, F6A13, T6D17, T5G15, T1L17, T2O2, T20M17 5 g2368, mi335 No sequence -
15B TAIL PCR (LBAD2) Unsuccessful - 5 m555 BX119400 TAC K919