Table I.

Arabidopsis SET domain proteins

Gene Other Names Length Accession No.a AGI Locus No. Expressionb Class/Orthology Group
SDG1 CLF 902 CAA71599 At2g23380 n/c I/2
SDG2 ATXR3 2,283 CAB10297c At4g15180 n/e/r III/3
SDG3 SUVH2 651 AAK28967 At2g33290 n/e/r V/3
SDG4 ASHR3 497 AAD10162*c At4g30860 e/c II/2
SDG5 MEA 689 AAC39446 At1g02580 c I/1
SDG6 SUVR5 1,114 AAC17088*c At2g23750 e/r V/7
SDG7 ASHH3 363 AAC23419*c At2g44150 n/e/r II/1
SDG8 ASHH2 1,792 AAC34358c At1g77300 n/e/r II/3
SDG9 SUVH5 794 AAK28970 At2g35160 e/r V/5
SDG10 EZA1 856 AAD09108* At4g02020 c/n/e/r I/3
SDG11 SUVH10 312 AAC95167*c At2g05900 r V/1
SDG13 SUVR1 734 AAD10665 At1g04050 c/r V/6
SDG14 ATX3 967d CAB71104c At3g61740 e/r III/2
SDG15 ATXR5 379d CAB89351* At5g09790 c/e/r IV/1
SDG16 ATX4 981d CAB36760*c At4g27910 e/r III/2
SDG17 SUVH7 693 AAK28972* At1g17770 c/r V/1
SDG18 SUVR2 717 AAK92218* At5g43990 c/n/r V/6
SDG19 SUVH3 669 AAK28968 At1g73100 c/n/e/r V/1
SDG20 SUVR3 354 AAF00642 At3g03750 n/e/r V/4
SDG21 SUVH8 755 AAK28973 At2g24740 c/r V/1
SDG22 SUVH9 650 AAK28974 At4g13460 c/e/n/r V/3
SDG23 SUVH6 790 AAK28971* At2g22740 c/e/r V/2
SDG24 ASHH4 352 CAB75815 At3g59960 - II/1
SDG25 ATXR7 1,421 BAB10481 At5g42400 c/n/r III/4
SDG26 ASHH1 492 AAF04434*c At1g76710 e/r II/3
SDG27 ATX1 1,062 AAK01237 At2g31650 c/r III/1
SDG29 ATX5 1,040 BAA97320 At5g53430 n/e/r III/2
SDG30 ATX2 1,063d AAF29390*c At1g05830 c/n/e/r III/1
SDG31 SUVR4 492 AAF63769*c At3g04380 c V/6
SDG32 SUVH1 670 AAK28966 At5g04940 c/e V/1
SDG33 KYP, SUVH4 624 AAK28969 At5g13960 c/e V/2
SDG34 ATXR6 349 BAB10399 At5g24330 n/r IV/1
SDG35 ATXR1 545 AAF87042c At1g26760 e/r N.A. (S-ET)e
SDG36 ATXR2 559 BAB02844c At3g21820 e N.A. (S-ET)e
SDG37 ASHR1 447 AAD03568 At2g17900 - N.A. (S-ET)e
SDG38 ATXR4 325 BAB11410*c At5g06620 e N.A. (S-ET)e
SDG39 ASHR2 341 AAD10162 At2g19640 c/e N.A. (S-ET)e
  • a For all accession nos. followed by an asterisk, we have chosen a model different from the predicted annotation. Our model is presented at

  • b Any evidence for expression is indicated by n (northern blot available at, c (cloned cDNA available at Genbank), e (expressed sequence tag [EST]), or r (reverse transcriptase [RT]-PCR; C. Napoli, unpulished data)

  • c The protein model presented at is distinct from that of Baumbusch et al., 2001

  • d Evidence for alternative splicing resulting in two different lengths of proteins is presented at

  • e The S-ET domain genes were not assigned to orthology groups