Table I.

Peak emission temperatures (TM) and contribution of different glow peaks to the total thermoluminescence in control (non-hardened) and cold-acclimated Arabidopsis leaves

The contribution of glow peaks represented by characteristic Gaussian sub-bands was estimated by a nonlinear least-squares fitting of the experimental glow curves obtained after illumination with two single turnover flashes. The data are represented as a percentage of the total area (A, %). Mean values ± se were calculated from three to five independent experiments. n.d., Non-detectable. The measurements were performed in the absence and presence of 20 μ m DCMU.

Sample Control +DCMU
Tm A Tm A
°C % °C %
Non-hardened -12.0±0.06 5.1±0.1 -17.6±0.08 7.9±0.1
37.7±0.03 67.8±0.1 n.d. n.d.
53.9±0.06 27.1±0.1 58.7±0.08 92.1±0.2
Cold acclimated 0.3±0.1 9.1±0.1 -8.1±0.02 25.5±0.1
28.3±0.02 45.6±0.1 n.d. n.d.
48.6±0.06 45.3±0.2 55.3±0.07 74.5±0.2