Table II.

Reported functional orthologs identified through genetic complementation analysis in yeast

The list was generated through a search of National Center for Biotechnology Information PubMed for genetic complementation that occurred between a pair of protein kinases of similar signaling pathways.

Arabidopsis Gene Yeast Gene Figure Reference(s)
At4g01370/AtMPK4 SLT2 8b Mizoguchi et al. (1998)
At5g56580/AtMEK1 PBS2 8a
At1g54960/AtANP1 STE11 7a Nishihama et al. (1997)
At4g08500/AtMEKK1 Covic and Lew (1996)
Mizoguchi et al. (1996)
At3g48750/AtCDC2a CDC28(p34cdc2) 10 Ferreira et al. (1991)
At5g24360/Atlre1-1 IRE1 5a Koizumi et al. (2001)
At1g06390/AtGSK1 MCK1 11a Piao et al. (1999)
At3g01090/Akin10 SNF1 9 Alderson et al. (1991); Bhalerao et al. (1999)
At2g17820/ATHK1 SLN1 6 Urao et al. (1999)